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Frequently asked questions

Q. The login screen keeps rejecting my password
A. Firstly the password is case sensitive. Secondly If you made a mistake typing your password press the back space key do not highlight and delete. Pressing backspace once it will clear the whole password. Do not use the enter key after typing the password as the program counts the enter key as a character.

Q. The main menu screen only shows the DBR icon, even if I have already closed the DBR.
A. The Daily Business Report must be closed every day, the best practice is to close off at the end of the day. In the case that you don’t the system will prompt you the next morning. Once you login you will only see the DBR icon. Click on the DBR icon and close the DBR as normal. Note you have to be on the Journal Entry screen to change the DBR status. Once closed quit out of the DBR and then exit completely out of Rental Office. Open the system and login as normal you will see all menu options.

Q. Add Button on Vehicle styles is disabled.
A. Use the TAB key to navigate through the boxes. Enter the style of vehicle, description and group code. Press TAB after the group code and the Add button will become active. This is to stop you from processing with information missing.

Q. Why is the Delete Vehicle button missing when I look up a vehicle.
A. You can only delete a vehicle that has had no rentals. The vehicle must remain for history and audit purposes. If you no longer retain the vehicle click on the Financial Button and select Sold. This will take the vehicle out of your active fleet.

Q. I have entered all the vehicle details but there is no save button.
A. Before you can save a vehicle you must enter the financial details regarding it. Click on the Financial button at the top. Enter the appropriate details. You will notice the save button at the top of the screen is now available.

Q. Can I change the colour of the Reservations screen, the background colour is dark.
A. Yes, The bottom right corner of the Reservations screen has an icon of a couple of pencils. Double click on this icon and you can select your own background colour.

Q. When I click on a previous renter when initiating a rental another renter appears.
A. The system pulls it’s previous renter information from the rental agreements. To differentiate between renters the system uses the renters licence number as a unique ID. If you don’t enter a licence number the system records N/A and therefore you can end up with several N/A licence numbers in the database. Always make sure you enter a licence number in the case of a company rental enter the company’s telephone number. As long as there is a unique value in this field.

Q. How do you update the Warranty service on a vehicle in Vehicle Maintenance.
A. You have to add an entry into the work done section. Fill in the warranty information in the top section and record a work done entry in the bottom section.

Q. Can you charge extra hours on a rental.
A. Yes, you can charge partial days. On the rental agreement change the length of rental to a decimal figure i.e. Rental Days to 1.1 = 1 day & 1 Hour

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