Rental Office comes with 32 Crystal Reports:

Revenue Report Analyses revenue between specified data
DBR Statistics Various statistics based on revenue, Time, Rentals, Fleet etc.
Fleet List Vehicles on fleet at any given time including
relevant details and information
Temporary Fleet Details fleet used in cross hires
Open RAs Lists all open rental agreements at any given date
Outstanding Deposits Lists all unused prepayments at any given date
Vehicle Specifications Individual vehicle details including current status etc.
In the Bin Records the value of open RAs at the end of each month and available for print at that time
Vehicle Maintenance Details by individual vehicle of work done
Vehicle History Lists vehicle by rental agreement and includes missing kilometres
No Shows Records all reservations not kept
Reservation Confirmation Printed receipt of booking
Do Not Rent List Compiled progressively detailing renter & reasons
Vehicles Due for Service Listing vehicles by Km reading
Customer Search Searches for previous rentals by customer and lists revenue earned
Mailing List Comprehensive customer database of all rentals easily printed to label, envelope, or letterhead
Revenue by Style Records vehicle revenue by style for any given month

Revenue by Model as above by model
Revenue by Registration records revenue for the total fleet listed by rego number
Franchise Fees Report Can be customised to licence requirements for monthly return and royalties
Fleet Revenue Report Itemises revenue by vehicle and style giving utilisation and average daily earnings
Vehicles Due Out & Due In Provides a printable copy of all vehicles Due Out or Due In
GST Report Details all GST money collected for the month
Travel Agent Commission Lists by Travel Agent all bookings and commission payable
Total Other Charges Shows a summary of all other charges for the month ie. Baby Seats, Maps, Toll Charges etc.
Source of Rental Shows the total number of rentals for the month and provides a graph of where the business comes from
Non Revenue Report Lists all open Non Revenue (Staff) movements of vehicles
Lease Finance Report Details all financial commitments on your fleet, showing monthly repayments and residuals
Monthly Performance Indicators Provides a graph and detailed report on Revenue by Source (Referal)
Postcode Statistics Report Shows detailed revenue information based on customers Post Codes
Registration Renewal Report List of Vehicle Registrations due for any given month
Credit Card Search Allows you to search for customers by their credit card number, it even works with partial card numbers